Continuous Steel Line Fencing

Harrah’s Shelters is NorthernCalifornia dealer for the JW6 Enterprises Lock Tight Fencing®

This galvanized steel fencing system is an innovative approach to panel fencing that’s a snap to put together. Lock Tight Fencing® allows total flexibility in providing beautiful perimeter fencing from three rails to six, and can also be transformed into panels.

  • Custom Lengths Available
    Need a special length panel to fit that existing opening? That is easy with Lock Tight Fencing. Just trim one end of the rails to the desired length, drill holes for the connector pins, and you have that special length panel. No welder or cutting torch needed for this!
  •  Easy to IntegrateVersatile Fencing Systems
    You can easily integrate our traditional panels and gates with the innovative Lock Tight Fencing® to seamlessly transition from temporary to permanent fencing situations.
  • The Simple Solution to Your Needs
    For Pasture Fence, Arena Fence, stalls, gates, and panels needs let the Lock Tight Fencing®  system be the solution to your perimeter fencing needs. With Lock Tight you can enjoy a lifetime of beauty and service from a steel rail fence without welding or painting. Two people can assemble a 20′, 4 rail panel in less than 5 minutes.

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  1. I am interested in the 4 ft. 6 inch 4 rail JW6 lock tite panels.
    can you give me an idea of costs please. I need 170ft.and one gate with with bow gate in it.

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