Triple Crown Welded Steel Corral Panels

The most popular Welded Steel Corral Panel, by Harrah’s Shelters, has been the Triple Crown series.

Especially for the Horse Industry

We manufacture the Triple Crown series using the same American Made Steel Tubing from Allied Tube and Conduit and features their Gatorshield® Galvanized Steel Tubing.


Gatorshield® provides outstanding corrosion protection because of the synergy created between the three coatings. The conversion coating passivates the zinc to slow down the white rust growth process, and the clear topcoat then “seals in” the protection. On the inside of a Gatorshield® tubing is a corrosion-resistant zinc based coating applied after the tube is welded, and completely covers the interior. CORROSION PROTECTION 100% coated on inside (ID) and outside diameter (OD) 3 layers of protection on OD

We manufacture the Triple Crown Panels in the following sizes:

12'Triple Crown gate panel by Harrah's Shel;ters

Triple Crown Gate Panel 12′ x 5H4R with 6′ Bow gate

  • 8′ Panels
  • 10′ Panels
  • 12′ Panels
  • 16′ Panels
  • 24′ Panels

And in the configuration of:

5′ high 4 Rail
5′ high 5 Rail – bottom Rail
6′ high 5 Rail
6′ high 6 Rail – bottom Rail

Gate Panels with 6′ bow gate are also manufactured in same sizes


12′ Triple Crown Welded Steel Panel 5’High4Rail

Stack of Triple Crown 12' Panels 6'high 6 Rail

Stack of 6’H6rail w/bottom rail Triple Crown Welded Steel panels

12' 5H4R Triple Crown Panel by Harrah's Shelters

12′ Triple Crown Welded Steel Panel 5’High4Rail

Pasture Paddock with Triple Crown Welded Steel Panels

Pasture Paddock being assembled using 24′ 6’H 6R panels and Gate panels


  1. Debbie Navelski

    Hi Folks!

    Could I get pricing on corral panels?

    5′ high 5 rail in 10′ and 12′, also a 12′ gate panel


  2. Patrick Gisler

    Looking for 12 foot 4 rail horse panels 48″ high.

    Also 6 foot four rail gates.

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