Corral Panels by Harrah’s Shelters

Quality welded Corral Panels have been the mainstay of Harrah’s Shelters for over 20 years.

Our material is 99% pure zinc coated Gatorshield® 1’7/8″ Steel tubing.Cut and coped galvanized steel tubing
The tubing is then cut, coped and welded a full 360 degrees.

We chose Allied Tubing because they guarantee a minimum 50 ksi yield and 55 ksi tensile on the tubing we use.  because compared with many alternatives that demonstrate a 30 ksi yield, Gatorshield® demonstrates the unique ability to offer same strength in a lighter weight tube – up to 33% stronger! Strength to withstand the pressure of horse confinement.

Allied Gator Shield Flo Coat Galvanized Pipe

Harrah’s Shelters offers several lengths and heights of corral panels and gates.

  • High Roller Welded SteelPanels and Gates for heavy confinement, designed for heavy confinement and livestock moving.
  • Gambler Welded Steel Panels and Gates for moderate livestock handling
  • Triple Crown Welded Steel Panels and Gates for normal horse confinement, available in several heights and number of rails