PBR Steel Roofing Available at Harrahs Shelters

PBR Steel Roofing Panels, with “Cool Color”, available at Harrah’s Shelters

The PBR metal panel is commonly used for a wide variety of architectural, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

PBR Roofing profile

Features & Benefits | Metal Roofing PBR/R-Panels

  • Economical – This is the nicest metal roofing and siding panel for the least amount of money.
  • Corrosion and Rust Resistant – PBR metal roofing and siding panels and sheet steel products are coated with Galvalume®/Zincalume® – an aluminum-zinc alloy coating with extraordinary outdoor corrosion resistance.
  • Durable – Metal Roofing coated with Galvalume®/Zincalume® will have an exceptionally long life expectancy.
  • Rot Resistant – Since metal is an inorganic material, unlike wood, it does not rot – making it the best choice in roofing material by builders and architects alike.
  • Pest and Termite Resistant – Bugs, pests, and termites cannot penetrate through metal materials making a corrugated metal roofing system your best defense against unwanted creatures.
  • Fire Resistant – Metal roofs are noncombustible and have a Class A fire rating. Class C rating when applied over a combustible material such as wood shingles.
  • Wind Resistant – Metal roofing can withstand powerful wind gusts.
  • Lightweight – Lightens the load in installation and reduces the load bearing weight on support walls and beams.
  • Stylish – Available in various colors and can be ordered in a variety of premium specialty finishes.
  • Energy Efficient – Metal roofs with a “Cool” paint finish reflect solar radiant heat, which can help reduce cooling costs.
  • Eco-Friendly – Metal roofing is made from recycled content. Corrugated roofing panels are also recyclable at the end of their life as a roof. In contrast, most shingle tear-off waste ends up as part of the building-related waste stream – up to 20 billion pounds per year.

Current Prices (subject to change)

$4.10 Lineal Foot
FOB Corning yard

(Example: 12′ long sheet will cover 36 square feet = $1.36 square foot)


Your choice of colors:

PBR Roof Colors


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